Can I Seal My Air Ducts in a Multi-Story Home in Miami Beach, FL?

Leaks in return ducts can cause significant losses in airtightness and air quality. To ensure optimal efficiency and comfort, it is important to keep the return duct system as short as possible and seal all connections. Minisplits are the most efficient and effective way to cool and heat a home, as they are much more efficient than ducted systems. To optimize speed and static pressure, it is best to install the bridge duct as low as possible and connect it with a flexible duct.

Additionally, it is important to provide air return routes to reduce air resistance, heating and cooling losses, and pressure imbalances. In homes with finished basements, a central return system in the basement helps promote air exchange between floors. The fan door test should be extremely low to ensure that the system is drawing air from the farthest points of the system. To maximize efficiency and comfort, the ducts should be kept to a minimum size and buried deep in the insulation of the attic or zoned in a way that optimizes speed and static at every fan speed.

In most cases, a properly sized transfer grid or jump duct will have a lower pressure drop than a typical ducted return duct. To ensure that the fan operates at full capacity, it is important to use curved metal ducts with rectangular cross-sections and integrated joints at right angles. Additionally, it is important to increase the size of the duct to 18 inches and move it further down into the attic so that it rests directly on top of the horizontal AH during its journey. Minisplits are the best solution for cooling and heating homes with centralized air conditioning and heating systems. They are much more efficient than traditional ducted systems and can help reduce energy costs while providing optimal comfort.

Installing minisplits in multi-story homes in Miami Beach, FL is an excellent way to ensure airtightness, prevent air quality issues, optimize speed and static pressure, reduce air resistance, minimize heating and cooling losses, and balance pressure imbalances.

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